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How to send receipts
How to send receipts

Learn how to send a receipt after a payment has been entered.

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Invoicer allows you to manually and automatically send receipts after a payment has been entered.

If you have online payments enabled, and a payment is received through online payments, receipts are automatically sent.

​To send a receipt after manually entering a payment, please follow the steps below.

How to send receipts from the editor

To send receipts from the invoice editor:

1. Click into the invoice you want to send a receipt from.

2. Add a payment if one does not already exist:

2. Once a payment has been entered, click the Send receipt button.

3. A receipt is sent to the client's email on record and Receipt sent displays in the payments area:

How to send receipts from the invoices list

To send receipts from the invoices list:

1. Go to the invoices list.

2. Enter a payment by clicking the Payment button for the invoice:

Click payment button

3. Enter the payment amount (the invoice total will be automatically entered. Change it if needed). Make sure Send receipt is checked.

Record payment

4. Click Add Payment.

5. A receipt is sent.

How to Automatically Send Receipts

To automatically send receipts, follow the steps below.

1. Go to your receipt settings

2. Turn on Customer payments, send receipt automatically:

3. Now, when a payment is entered a receipt is automatically sent.

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