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How to add, edit, and select clients
How to add, edit, and select clients

Learn how to add clients, edit them, and select them.

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Learn how to create, edit, and select clients.

Your clients, or customers, are likely the fuel for your business. They provide the resources you need to operate and grow. Let's learn how to manage them in Invoicer.

Below, we cover the following:

How to create a client

You can add clients in two ways. The first, and easiest way, is in the editor when creating an invoice or estimate. The second, is in the clients area.

To create a client in the editor, enter the clients info in the Billed To section.

1. Enter the client's name

2. Select +Add Client Name (+Add Mike Smith in the example below)

Enter client info in the billed to section

​3. A new client is created.

4. Enter the client's address and phone number (optional)


To create a client in the clients area:

1. Click the Add client button from the clients area.

2. Fill in your clients info in the New Client section.

Remember, Invoicer autosaves as you type, so there is no need to click a save button.

How to edit a client

You can edit clients from the editor or from the client screen:

1. To edit a client, start typing the client's name in the name field, and select the client.

2. Click the 'Edit client' text in the top right.

How to edit a client in the editor

2. Make your edits.

3. Click 'Lock client' to stop editing. Locking is optional and only prevents the client record from being edited.

To edit a client from the clients screen:

1. Go to the Clients screen.

2. Select a client.

3. Edit the client.

How to select a client

To select a client when creating an invoice or estimate:

1. Start typing the client's name, and a list of client's appears.

How to select a client in the editor

2. Choose the client from the list.

You can also click the client name field, and a list of recent clients appears.

There you have it! The ins and outs of creating, editing, and selecting clients.

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