If you need a little help improving your payment rates, or have certain clients that need a little nudge, use payment reminders.

You can send up to three late payment reminders past the invoice due date with payment reminders.

Payment reminders are a premium feature, so you need to have an active paid plan to turn them on.

How to turn on payment reminders

Note, for payment reminders to work, your client needs an email. There are three ways to do this:

  1. For existing clients, select an existing client with an email from the drop down in the Billed To section of the invoice editor:

  2. For new clients, create the invoice, click Send, and enter the client's email. Once the invoice is sent, turn on payment reminders:

  3. Add a new client and enter their email:

    Next, create an invoice and select the newly created client from the drop-down in the Billed To section:

How do payment reminders work?

Payment reminders work by sending an automatic email to your client after the invoice due date. You can enter how many days and choose up to three reminders.

Note, if you are entering multiple reminders, the second and third ones must be greater than the previous ones. For example, if you have your first reminder set to send three days after the due date, the following reminder must be 4 days or more.

Account-wide payment reminders

You can set account-wide payment reminders in your settings.

Account-wide reminder settings are the default settings ​​on new invoices and do not change the settings already set on existing invoices. Each invoice has its own reminder settings.

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