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How to manually add a payment
How to manually add a payment

Learn how to add and delete payments

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You sent an invoice and your client paid you. Nice work! For payments processed through the platform, Invoicer automatically applies the payments.

For payments not processed through the platform, you can manually add the payment from the invoice editor or the invoices screen. See below for instructions on each method:

To add a payment from the invoice editor:

  1. Click the Add payment link.

  2. Enter the payment date.

  3. Enter the amount.

  4. You will notice the Total Payments and Amount Due line items reflect the added payment.

To add a payment from the invoices screen:

  1. Click the Pay button on the invoice you want to add a payment to.

  2. The Record Payment dialogue appears.

  3. Enter the Amount.

  4. Enter the Date.

  5. Click Add Payment.

  6. You will notice, under the Amount column, the numbers change to reflect the payment.

โ€‹How to delete a payment
To delete a payment:

  1. Open the invoice in the invoice editor by clicking on it from the invoices screen.

  2. Click the trash can icon beside the payment.

  3. The payment will be removed and the Amount Due will update to reflect the deleted payment.

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