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How to send an invoice
How to send an invoice

Follow the steps below to send an invoice.

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How to send an invoice from the invoice editor:

1. Click the Send button at the top right of the invoice editor.

2. The Send Invoice dialogue appears.

3. Your Name and Email will be populated from the information you provided during the signup and in the invoice editor. You can edit your name from here if you like.

4. In the Client section, enter your client's name and email.

5. Click Send to send the invoice. Your client will receive an email with your name, the invoice amount, and a link to view and pay the invoice.

How to send an invoice from the Invoices screen:

To send an invoice from the invoices screen, click the Send button to the right of the invoice you want to send, and follow steps 2-5 above.

Note, once an invoice is sent, the Send button changes to Resend.

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